Q1: Can A Client Choose A Location Or Site Where C&T Are Note Available?

Answer: Clients can select any locations they want. C&T Advertising will try to get the license from the government, if the license will be approved C&T advertising will do the billboard structure.


Q2: How Long Does The Installation Process Take?

Answer: For the new location billboard installation, it will take two months building the pole/frame.


Q3: If A Client Want To Renew The Contract, When Should S/He Do It?

Answer: Client can do the renewal of contract based on discussion and information to C&T advertising 3 months in advance.


Q4: Can C&T Design And Execute The Artwork For Its Client?

Answer: For artwork must provide by client. C&T Advertising only can help to revise based on artwork provided.


Q5: I Want To Know More About C&T's Products And Prices. What Can I Do?

Answer: Please go to our Website and please call to (+855) 023 890 822 (Or look for marketing to services)


Q6: Can C&T Advertsing Do Billboard If The Client Have Their Own Space?

 Answer: C&T advertising can build depend of the situation.


Q7: Are There Any Specific Requirements That Must Be Met Before Any Artwork Is Submitted?

 Answer: For the artwork the government not allowed to display any sexy image post / cigarette. But for pharmaceutical can be allow to display on board but must getting license from MOH for C&T advertising reference. (Artwork should be approved by the MOH/Government).